Aryana Starr- Power of th P.U.$.$.Y.

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You HAD to know that sooner or later, we’d tap into the world of adult film.

And if you know anything about our record so far, you know that we don’t give you that elementary shit.

So to our growing audience of horny fellas looking to get the scoop on the ladies, I apologize to you in advance.

When we feature adult models/stars here, there will NOT be any gratuitous reference of triple-X keywords and slangs alike.

We won’t give you a run-down on every movie they’ve been in (as you probably owned or bootlegged them all).

In fact we won’t go much in depth about anything pertaining to their XXX career. THAT is that elementary shit that I speak of, you can google shit like that. As you are about to find out, BTR/Mpress is on some other shit…..

With that said, I proudly present our first adult star submission, Aryana Starr…Power of the P.U.$.$.Y.

Born in Jamaica, raised in Reno Nevada. Aryana Starr was an exotic dancer for about six years before she entered the adult film industry.

But well before any of that, Aryana made several appearances in the mainstream. She played the voice of Lashawn in the well known animated movie “Bebe’s Kids” at age 12.

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Since then she’s made television appearances in “ROC”, “Sister-Sister”, and the Cosby Show spinoff, “A different World“.

Fast forward to present day, Aryana Starr has went from adult star to budding director under the wings of SilverBack Entertainment.

Watch out for her, March 2010 in “The Sweetest Chocolate” and “The Chocolate Factory” (No appearances in the film by R. Kelly that we know of)

Aryana is steadily moving ahead in the adult game, and from our research, her fanbase is more than pleased. many would wonder, how does an adult star expand beyond the lights, the camera, the XXX action.

As far as we know, there is no pension plan for adult film stars, fortunately Aryana has a plan B. She holds a degree as a medical assistant, so should the cameras ever stop rolling, she won’t be coming to a DVD, or theater but a hospital near you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if within a week she was promoted to “head nurse”.

This is my breif take on Aryana Starr.
<Below The Radar, Above Average>


Photo Credits: Black Ice, Unspecified

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